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Helm of Awe Pocket Lock

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  • Image of Helm of Awe Pocket Lock
  • Image of Helm of Awe Pocket Lock

The Pocket Lock is a leather weighted bandana holder that weighs approximately 4oz. It keeps your bandana neatly, comfortably, and securely in your back pocket even while riding. Simply fold your bandana, slide it into the slot of the Pocket Lock, then slide the Pocket Lock into your back pocket. It's dyed in a distressed brown or green, and stamped with a helm of awe (a powerful protective symbol used by the Vikings) on one side and valknut on the other. Stamped areas are black. A Harp Leather Original Handcrafted item I came up with after losing one too many bandanas while on my scoot. This item is hand dyed and handcrafted so no two will be exactly alike. Pocket Lock includes bandana shown with it.

*Beerdefender and coffin carry slipcase sold separately*
**Please allow 2 weeks from the time order is placed for item to ship as this is made when ordered**